by Studio DDL, 1986

Cessato Allarme is a coat rack from the Italian design manufactory Centro Studi Poltronova, designed in 1986 by Italian designers Gionatan de Pas, Donato d’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi (known as Studio DDL). The shape of the coat rack ‘Cessato Allarme’ – Italian for ‘all-clear’ – is reminiscent of the saving alarm sirens from World War II. This special design classic is available at TAGWERC Design STORE as a licensed original with authenticity guarantee.

Manufacturer Poltonova furniture and objects
Material Aluminium | Steel
Shipping 4-6 Weeks
Inclusive Quality Check

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Cessato Allarme Coat stand

The shape of the Cessato Allarme coat stand by Poltronova is reminiscent of the alarm sirens that were mounted on house roofs and street lamps in Italy during World War II to save the population. The Cessato Allarme coat rack was designed in 1986 by the Italian design trio Studio DDL. At TAGWERC Design STORE you purchase the Cessato Allarme coat rack as licensed re-edition of the original 1986 design. Cessato Allarme is handcrafted by Poltronova from metal with lacquered finish.

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Inspired by Pop Art and designed in the style of Radical Design by designers Gionatan de Pas, Donato d’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi in the era of Postmodernism, the humble memory of the World War II sirens saving lives and giving the all-clear played a decisive role in the development of the wardrobe Cessato Allarme. Today, these sirens have disappeared entirely from Italian cityscapes, but with Cessato Allarme Studio DDL has created a design monument to the alarm sirens.

The Italian manufacturer Poltronova has been producing the Cessato Allarme since 1991, made of metal and finished with a luminous colour coat. This makes Cessato Allarme both, a design classic steeped in history and a functional piece of furniture. At a height of 152 centimeters, the base measures 39 centimeters in diameter. The crown of the Cessato Allarme coat rack has a diameter of 42.5 centimeters. Here, six cones line up symmetrically around a sphere placed in the center, thus providing space for clothing and headwear.

Cessato Allarme is recommended as an eye-catcher in the office, at the reception, in the hallway and foyer, a dressing room or guest room. Despite its sculptural form, Cessato Allarme is by no means short on comfort. TAGWERC recommends Cessato Allarme as a solitaire or arranged in a group to all those who are looking for something special.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Aluminium & Steel
  • Red


  • Top [Ø]
  • Base [Ø]
  • Height
  • Weight
  • 42.50 cm
  • 39.00 cm
  • 152.00 cm
  • 8.50 kg


  • Outdoor suitable
  • No
  • The "Cessato Allarme" coat stand will be handmade for you after your order.

The ‚Cessato Allarme' coat stand was designed by
Studio DDL

Donato Durbino, Jonathan de Pas and Paolo Lomazzi
The designer Donato Durbino, Jonathan de Pas and Paolo Lomazzi from Studio DDL
Donato Durbino, Jonathan de Pas and Paolo Lomazzi from Studio DDL
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Studio DDL in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Studio DDL is one of the most inspirational designers since the 1960s. Their design in the style of Radical Design reinterpret everyday objects in the style of Pop Art. Spectacular designs such as the armchair Joe characterize the Italian design trio.

Overview of Cessato Allarme Family