Floor lamps by Designer Arne Jacobsen in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Floor lamps by Arne Jacobsen

Perfect reading light and the classic beauty of a design classic, both combine the Arne Jacobsen floor lamps from the design universe of TAGWERC. During his lifetime, the Danish architect and designer created a series of buildings with a clear, straightforward design in the Bauhaus style and style of Functionalism. Some of these projects were supervised by Arne Jacobsen in a holistic way, so in addition to the building he also designed the furnishings. Thus, the floor lamps designed by Arne Jacobsen go back to one of his projects.

Classic design – modern technology

The AJ Floor Lamp and the Bellevue Floor Lamp, each from the AJ lighting family or from the Bellevue lighting family, were part of Arne Jacobsen’s interior design for the Royal Hotel and the Bellevue Theater in the 1960s and 1930s. While Jacobsen’s architecture appears graphic and straightforward, his interior design, like his floor lamps, is a symbiosis of unfussy design and organic forms. Above all, the functions already applied by Jacobsen at that time make his floor lamps sophisticated design classics that today – with modern technology – exude a very special charm.

Spot on!

New light sources such as energy-saving bulbs or LED technology have fundamentally changed the world of lighting in recent years. The Arne Jacobsen floor lamps from the design universe of TAGWERC make this trend easy to realize. They can be equipped with all bulbs within their specified power and thus consume very little energy. Spot on for the floor lamps by Arne Jacobsen!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Arne Jacobsen Floor lamps, manufactured by &Tradition and Louis Poulsen.

&Tradition - Floor lamp Bellevue

Louis Poulsen - Floor lamps AJ