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Relaxation, rest, balance and growth

Green is the colour that is closely related to nature. Green stands for relaxation, rest, balance and growth. It relaxes, de-stresses and symbolizes regeneration and a new beginning. Brands who want to give their product originality, purity and naturalness make use of this effect. As a secondary colour, green combines the radiance of yellow with the coolness of blue.

‘Green lung’, ‘green hell’, ‘green behind the ears’, ‘not being green for someone’, ‘the same in green’ – these slang expressions show the ambivalent connotation associated with green. The location also plays a role in whether green is perceived as neutral, more positive or more negative. In parts of Europe, green is rather commonplace and therefore nothing special. In China, on the other hand, the colour green is a symbol of vitality and compassion. In the desert, green can only be found in oases and is therefore synonymous with life and paradise.

In the area of urban living structures, green has lately become a trend colour for interior design. Walls, armchairs, chairs, cushions and carpets – almost everything is available in green. A very special effect can be achieved by combining different shades of green: the walls in a pale green, the couch or armchair upholstered in dark green velour, plus a green patterned carpet, chairs in bottle green – there are few limits to the possible combinations.

How about, for example, a green hallway with an opulent chandelier and comfortable armchair that welcomes you home after a long day and lets you forget stress? A kind of neutralization sluice. No problem, anything is possible with green!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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