Floor lamps in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Floor lamps

Spot on! Floor lamps from the design universe of TAGWERC are spontaneous and direct the light to a specific area in the room. Their pleasant light exudes warmth and comfort. Suddenly it becomes comfortable, even if in the winter at five o’clock in the afternoon when everything is already dark or it is raining in streams. In the environment of a switched-on floor lamp you can simply live much better, the furnishing consultants from TAGWERC know from their broad range of interior design experience.

Practical and versatile

In contrast to pendant lights, ceiling lamps and wall lighting, floor lamps can be used immediately without installation at any place in the vicinity of a power outlet. This makes floor lights – colloquially also floor lamps – so practical and versatile. An additional light source or a new favorite place – a floor lamp is quickly unplugged and plugged in elsewhere. And life goes on immediately.

Energy saving and LED trend

The world of lighting has changed radically in recent years due to new bubs such as energy-saving bulbs or LED lighting. The floor lamps from the design universe of TAGWERC Design STORE make this trend easy to realize. They can be equipped with all incandescent bulbs within the limits of their stated output, sometimes consuming very little power, which makes them particularly economical.

Flexible lighting solution

Three to five different light sources are recommended by TAGWERC experts for the harmonious lighting of a single room. In addition to the basic lighting, such as built-in ceiling spotlights, scones, pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps set accents in the room and emphasize the corresponding areas for the viewer. Dining table, counter, reading corner, desk, bedside table, shelf, works of art on walls or freestanding on a pedestal – lighting brings the flexible solution that adapts individually to the time of day and mood.

Private rooms and professional ambience

Our floor lamps usually work with indirect, glare-free light. They usually have a cable, which is equipped with a switch. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide a breathtakingly beautiful light. They are design classics or those that have the potential to become design classics in future and can be easily placed anywhere: in the bedroom, living room, hallway, dining room, office, studio and creative room. Of course, also in professional rooms such as office, practice, salon, shop. And if something should get damaged in the course of time, we from TAGWERC are even able to provide the original spare parts. Enough of the good word, and: Spot on!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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