Wall lights by Designer Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Verner Panton wall lights

In the past, it were wall torches that brought light into long corridors or even lit rooms. Today there are the wall lamps that have taken on this task. But wall lights are not only practical, they also provide mood. In a dark room they illuminate a certain area. A coloured or specially structured wall, an otherwise unobtrusive corner, a certain area is emphasized by the use of wall lights.

The practical thing about wall lamps is that the floor stays clear. As a result, wall lights can be hung in almost any height. The Verner Panton wall lamps are all equipped with a transparent cable. Thus, no wall outlet is needed, which, if you have not considered it already in the planning of the room so, in retrospect is always associated with considerable costs and dirt. The wall lamps can therefore be hung wherever there is a power outlet nearby. With a handy on-off switch, the wall light can be switched on or off whenever you like it.

Particularly pretty are wall lights as bedside lamps right and left of the bed. They do not provide bright reading light, but an atmospheric bedroom lighting, feel-good factor guaranteed. For example, in the living area while you are away, an integrated timer can be placed between the wall light and the wall socket, or let it wake you up in the winter.

Wall lights offer many ways to make the home even more homey. Wall lamps are modern wall torches that show us the way.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton Wall lights, manufactured by Verpan.

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