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FUN Metal lighting – Verner Panton

The luminaires of the FUN Metal family impress with their spectacular design. Whether it’s a pendan lightt, a table lamp or a wall lamp – the metal discs of the FUN Metal luminaires reflect the light in an unique way, resulting in a unique play of light and shadow with very special light accents. In any case, it is advisable to equip a room with several different light sources. On the one hand, certain areas can be specifically illuminated in this way and thus different moods can be generated. On the other hand, it is simply practical, if a reading light is placed next to the chair or two pendant lights can be switched independently of each other over a long dining table.

Glare-free light

A lamp from the FUN Metal family series exactly enlighten these places in a very special way. The high-gloss metal discs shield the bulb from the outside and thus provide an indirect, glare-free light. At the same time, the metal discs in the FUN metal luminaires function as light reflectors. This creates a breathtaking play of light and shadow on walls and ceiling. A formerly dark corner becomes such a unique place, which puts on the eyes and delights the spectator.

Space for a completely new living experience

Dark corners and niches cause discomfort and as a storage area are predestined to accumulate all sorts of lumber. Disorder spreads and the flow of energy is inhibited. All this leads to an impairment of the subjective well-being. The easiest way to notice this is through some discomfort and an unconscious aversion to a particular area in a room, a staircase, a doorway, or part of a room. With light, this part of the room suddenly shines. The junk is quickly cleared away and makes room for a completely new living feeling.

Flexible with different variants

The FUN Metal luminaires adapt to their environment, because they consist of a family of pendant lamps, table lamps and a wall lamp, FUN 1WA. The table lamps of the FUN Metal series are available in two sizes: FUN 1TA (65 cm high) and FUN 2TA (43 cm high). The pendant luminaires of the FUN Metall family have a suspension system which makes it possible to flexibly mount the suspensions in height. The pendant lights have a metal frame and a four-meter-long, fabric-coated power cable. The FUN Metal pendant lights are available in three sizes: FUN 0DA (53 cm diameter), FUN 1DA (45 cm diameter) and FUN 2DA (27 cm diameter).

Shine and glamor

No matter which charismatic FUN Metal fixture you choose – with the FUN Metal lamps, shine and glamor will be added to your home. Life is just too short for boring light!

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The FUN Metal lighting by Verner Panton, manufactured by Verpan.

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